Welcome Wizard

The first time the software is started after installation, a welcome screen will ask you some basic questions:

  • Unit System: Check the “Use SI Units” to enable SI unit system, otherwise the application would be in USCS unit system.
  • Enable Recording Log: Check this option to help report bugs by saving logs of software operations.
  • Preferred Language: Select a display language. Currently, only English is available.
  • Default File Type: Select the default file type when adding profile data.
  • Default Project Path: Select the default project path to speed up file searching.

This wizard gives you a convenient way to specify your preferences. The Welcome Wizard only appears once after each installation. You can also modify these settings later on by using the Application/Options dialog.

Home Screen

This is the starting screen when no project is currently open. It consists of two main sections: Getting Started and ProVAL Online (if the internet is accessible and the “Show Online Content on the Start Page” is selected in the program Options screen).


Basic Operation

A step-by-step process for a typical viewing and analysis is as follows:

Step 1: Start a new ProVAL project using the New button on the ProVAL home screen — a default, blank "Untitled" project will be created.

Step 2: Use the Add Files button on the ProVAL toolbar and use the Open dialogue to select profile data to be imported.


Step 3: After adding a file, a thumbnail of its profile will be added to the list of imported profiles available for selection.

Step 4: Select or unselect the desired profiles by their corresponding checkboxes. Selected profiles will be displayed on the chart. From this point on, you can view the profile, manipulate the data, perform analyses, and produce reports! See the User's Guide for further details. Have fun!